Sunday, June 6, 2010

I saw this first chair in one of my design magazines. My response to this chair was a ginormous smile. I tore the page out and taped it to my wall. YES....I am one of those people who have an inspiration wall...maybe we have that in common. I looked at this chair over and OVER again before I decided to do my OWN version of this chair!!!nt to the D.I. and found this chair....YES this VERY CHAIR, for $12.00!!! I love the line of the chair and started to get FIRED up inside thinking of ALL the possibilities. Now what you don't know about me is how I THRIVE on the UNEXPECTED!!! I love FUNKY, STYLE, VIBE and FLAIR in my personal design sense. I knew the line was ALL I needed to LOVE because EVERYTHING else was going to change.
I ENJOY combining fabrics together to get that FUNKY style that makes me smile. I am very particular in the type of fabrics I use. I want them to be a STRONG durable fabrics, so I use fabrics that have a minimum of 30,000 double rubs. The black and white zebra on the back of this chair is the unexpected fabric for me....the hot pink was the must have!!!
This was another FABULOUS find at the D.I.. I love the classy wing back and the classical lines of this chair. When I talk to clients about possibilities I challenge them to look PAST the WHAT IS.....and.....into the WHAT COULD BE.
Creativity + Work = Slam Dunk!!! I combined SEVERAL fabrics on this chair. I have contemporary fabrics and traditional fabrics on a traditional frame and the contemporary edge of black lacquer. Mixing up styles like this.... is MAGICAL!!!
This chair is ONE of my FAVORITES!!! I found this chair at the D.I. also!!! When I found this chair it was mint green and covered in white cat hair. Did I mention I like combining fabrics?????? Well...I do!!!

A WOW room for me begins with a FABULOUS piece of furniture....ONE that is full of style, flair and attitude. I think all rooms THRIVE with them.

My intent in starting this blog is to show you how FUN and EXCITING Interior Design can be. I also want people to REALIZE what a difference a great design will make in your home and in YOUR life. I know that is a STRONG comment to say....however.....I KNOW I am RIGHT so I can back it up over and over AGAIN!!!

I have clients ask me often HOW did you think of that...??? I thought this would be a FANTASTIC outlet to answer that question and let you into my mind a bit. I will be showing you past projects, current projects, things that I am INSPIRED by or things that I am into at the given moment. I will break it down for by play how a WOW room begins for me...and how a WOW room ends for me. If any of you are in need of my services please email me at